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Unlocking Prime Investment Opportunities in Victoria

Why is Rav Sri Your Ideal Trusted Investment Partner in Victoria, Australia?

Rav Sri, a visionary entrepreneur with a rich background that spans continents, is the driving force behind the registered duo-nation conglomerate R S P Holdings Pvt. Ltd., boasting registration in both Australia (Reg. No.: 671 351 705) and Sri Lanka (Reg. No: PV 17763). As a fully licensed real estate agent, both at a company (License No.: 091841L) and individual level (License No.: 091352L), Rav brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in sales, marketing, business management of IT, media, and real estate. Starting his career at 18, Rav has built an exceptional portfolio of achievements, including being the most awarded CEO among Sri Lankans in Australia. His landmark achievements include winning the Marketer of the Year award from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) and being a finalist in the top three at the National Award For Excellence (NAFE) by the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA). This illustrious background solidifies Rav Sri’s status as an unparalleled trusted investment partner in Victoria, Australia.

Seamless Access to Australian Real Estate Markets

Overseas Investment Scheme (OIS) by Ravs Realtors

Welcome to the Overseas Investment Scheme (OIS), meticulously crafted by Ravs Realtors to cater to the discerning needs of overseas investors looking to delve into the lucrative real estate market of Australia. At Ravs Realtors, we understand the complexities and opportunities that come with investing in property from abroad. Our OIS is your comprehensive guide and partner in navigating this journey with ease and confidence.

Our Vision:

To empower overseas investors by providing expert, localized knowledge, and access to prime real estate opportunities in Australia, ensuring a seamless, profitable investment experience.

Why Should You Consider Investing in Australia?

Australia’s real estate market is known for its stability, growth, and potential for high returns. With a robust legal system, transparent property rights, and a dynamic market environment, Australia presents an attractive proposition for investors worldwide.

Why Choose Victoria (Melbourne), Australia as Your Investment Destination?

Victoria, Australia, stands as a prime destination for overseas investors, thanks in part to its impressive history of welcoming migrants from across the world, thereby boosting its attractiveness for investment. At the core of this vibrant state is Melbourne, the capital, known for its rich multicultural diversity, welcoming community, and robust economy, drawing those in search of exceptional living standards. Victoria is consistently recognized as one of the most liveable places globally, a testament to its successful fusion of cultural wealth and economic resilience. This not only attracts a skilled and diverse workforce but also ensures a rising demand for both residential and commercial properties. The steady stream of migrants enriching the region contributes significantly to economic development and cultural depth. By investing in Victoria’s property market, you’re engaging with the state’s strong economic base while leveraging its appeal as a leading migration hub. This presents a unique strategic benefit in the competitive arena of global real estate investment.

** Victoria, Australia, is approximately 3.6 times larger than Sri Lanka in terms of land area.

Download the OIS Profile PDF

Explore the exclusive opportunities available through the Overseas Investment Scheme (OIS) by Ravs Realtors. This detailed PDF provides comprehensive information on how international investors can access and benefit from top-tier real estate in Australia. Learn about our partnerships with Australia’s foremost builders and developers, and discover how OIS can enhance your investment portfolio with premium house and land packages. Secure your investment future by understanding the advantages of real estate in this dynamic market.

Migration To Victoria, Australia – Top 10 Countries

Victoria, Australia, with its vibrant atmosphere of opportunity and cultural diversity, not only stands as a paradise for migrants but also presents a lucrative opportunity for investors. Central to this is Melbourne, a city celebrated for its dynamic multicultural community. This multiculturalism is more than just a characteristic; it’s the essence of daily life in Melbourne, reflected in the myriad of languages spoken, the diverse cuisines available, the variety of festivals celebrated, and the rich traditions that are observed. This cultural richness attracts migrants from across the globe, making Melbourne an exceptionally inclusive and welcoming city. 

The availability of resources and support systems for migrants not only bolsters Melbourne’s status as a preferred destination for new arrivals but also enhances its appeal to investors looking for a city with a robust, diverse, and expanding market. Victoria’s commitment to multiculturalism, with Melbourne at its core, thus signifies a dual promise: a welcoming home for migrants and a fertile ground for investors, where the diversity of the population is both a celebration of global cultures and a cornerstone of economic growth. 

Graph 1.3 Overseas-born – top 10 countries of birth, Australia – at 30 June – 2010, 2015 and 2020(a)(b) 

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Migration, Australia 2019-20 financial year

What the OIS Offers:

Tailored Property Selection: Access to a handpicked selection of properties that match your investment goals, from residential to commercial real estate.

Legal and Financial Guidance: Expert advice on legalities, financing options, and tax implications specific to overseas investors.

Property Management Services: Comprehensive management solutions to maintain and enhance the value of your investment, ensuring peace of mind.

Market Analysis and Insights: Up-to-date research and market analysis to inform your investment decisions and maximize returns. 

Personalized Support: Dedicated support from our team of experienced real estate professionals, ensuring a personalized and informed investment experience. 

Migration Support: Navigating the migration process requires the expertise of a qualified migration lawyer, who ensures compliance with complex immigration laws and streamlines visa applications.

Why Choose Ravs Realtors?

Ravs Realtors stands out for our unwavering integrity, profound expertise, and dedication to providing unparalleled service. We possess the essential knowledge and resources to navigate the intricacies of investing from abroad, ensuring a fulfilling and smooth process for you. Our comprehensive team, including migration lawyers, accountants, property developers, and bankers, is ready to support your investment journey every step of the way.

Getting Started with OIS:

Joining the Overseas Investment Scheme (OIS) is straightforward. Our team is ready to guide you through every step of the process, from initial consultation to finalizing your investment. Here’s how to begin:

Consultation: Reach out to us for an initial discussion about your investment objectives and preferences.

Selection: Review curated property options that align with your goals.

Investment: Receive comprehensive support in making your investment, including legal, financial, and management aspects.

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